Prepaid Water Meter Systems

Prepaid Water Meter Systems

System Description

The system is based on the principle that the water consumptions are calculated, and consumers are charged accordingly in advance. Consumers spend the amount of water loaded from credit sales offices
by loading the credit to water meters via smart cards. The water meter cuts off the water by closing its valve when the credit ends, but when the consumer re-loads the spare credit in smart card to the water meter, the valve will re-open. Spare credits function allow consumers to use water until they re-load the smart card.

The counter of the water meter may be observed both from mechanical and electronic displays. Electronic display shows information about loaded
credit, total credit, total water consumption, credit unit prize, the interference state and the battery level.

Subscribers are able to load extra credits from credit loading points, so called (Kiosks) outside working hours.

Usage of Smart Cards also enables the credit sales control points to be aware of water meters battery level,interference states, period, degrees and tariffs. The new tariffs and period information in the smart card are regularly updated on every credit load operation. Having loaded the updated information to the smart card, the water meter easily reads the carried information, and updates itself.

In case of interference, water meter closes the valve and cuts off water consumption. The officers of local administrations resets the function of water meter by using authorized cards, otherwise water meter will remain in its passive state even if it has loaded credits. Each water meter has its own smartcard which may only be operated on assigned meter.


The software is carefully designed by our software engineers to satisfy all the needs of local administrations. It provides reports such as; Invoice Records Report, Subscriber Reports, Detailed Water Meter Report.