SC Tehnogas Turom SRL is a company founded in the year 2012 which specializes in plumbing and is the exclusive importer of Baylan water meters and KAS water meters.


“Quality of Brand”

Water meters began to be operative in 1955 as a workshop for repairs and maintenance before starting the production of water meters. As a consequence of the long years of experience and research/knowledge, in 1992 the first production unit of the Baylan water meters was founded. The company produces various types of counters from DN 15 up to DN 200 nominal diameter.

All products are approved by the official European institutions of the countries in accordance with EEC 75/33 and 2004/22/EC, All meters have EEC and CE approvals. The company owns certificates of quality ISO 9001 which is given by the Bureau Veritas, the company also has certifications ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Baylan keeps a significant budget for research and development and thus adding new high-tech products in its portfolio.

The objectives are to present the new and modern products to its clients.

“World’s leading brand which has exports to 65 different countries on 5 continents”


“Quality for professionals”

We are the sole importer of the KAS products, the company began its activity in 1970 with the production of spare parts and fittings made from brass and fabricated valves for radiators under the brand KAS in 1994.


Kayalar Group offers clients more than 1500 types and about 300 groups of products which are used in installations of gas and fire, water connections, building and industrial markets with maximum quality by providing all certificates as TSE, TSEK, TS EN, GOST, SEPRO and ISO 9001.


The company’s goal is to transform the name KAS to an international brand from all over the world, with more than 40 years of experience and quality.

Kayalar Group exports currently in 30 countries and serves many clients by offering full support and CRM techniques.

“The Mission is to be the leader in the sector for production of Gas and Water fittings”

Countries to Export

  Red Zones on map indicates the countries to export
Middle East and Africa

Jordan Saudi Arabia Yemen Egypt Algeria Ethiopia Syria Palestinian Cameroon Tanzania Burkina Faso Djibouti Morocco Côte d’Ivoire Ghana Republic of South Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo Libya Malawi Moritius Zambia

Asia and Far East

Russia Iran India Sri Lanka Vietnam Pakistan Azerbaijan Turkmenistan Kazakhistan Philippines Bangladesh Iraq Israel Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Costa Rica Peru Mexico Colombia Uruguay Venezuela